ACP Images Do Not Use Asset URL
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ACP Images Do Not Use Asset URL
ACP Images Do Not Use Asset URL

Version: 1.8.33 specifically for me (but could be others as well)
Board URL:

File/Folder Directory: public_html/forum/[allmybbfileshere]

In the AdminCP images used for post icons, set as default theme, task manager icons, and so on look to be just coded as /images/etcetcetc instead of using the asset URL defined in the ACP.

So all of these images are not loading because they're trying to use (which points to the public_html directory) instead of (which "forum" is the directory where the mybb forum is).

This problem only occurs in the AdminCP. From the front end everything is fine as it is called forth with one of these variables in the URL.

  Capture.PNG (Size: 124.35 KB / Downloads: 6)

  Capture2.PNG (Size: 185.71 KB / Downloads: 7)

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