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[For 1.8] - [Tutorial] - Create ACP module meta for plugin link

* Tutorial credits: ic_myXMB
* The tutorial is free to re-share as long as you retain any mentioned credits

This simple little tutorial was created by request in response to a user asking how they could create a quick module for menu item link in the ACP top menu for a "Config Plugins" link.

As such, let us begin that simple task.

Ok, you can simply go into your forum root directory:

and navigate inside to:


and say for example create a dir called:

in such newly created directory create a meta file called:


Add the following in that file:


 die("Direct initialization of this file is not allowed.");

function config_plugs_meta(){

global $page, $plugins;

    $page->add_menu_item("Config Plugins", "config-plugins", "index.php?module=config-plugins", 101);

Now, for this example as you see in the images I used "Config Plugins" as the link text (you should notice the only text that has capitalization?), but you could simply change that to "Plugins" if desired.

Best of luck.

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