Lots of warning messages, some broken functionality
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Lots of warning messages, some broken functionality
Lots of warning messages, some broken functionality

On many pages I am getting PHP warnings at the top. I attached screenshots of what I see, but you can visit this thread (Rocket launches) to see an especially egregious series of warnings before the actual content starts.

I have found that some functionality is impaired, like viewing a private message, and trying to past the landing page of the acp.

Other threads I've seen on the topic talk about plugin incompatibility. I disabled all plugins via the inc/settings.php, but that didn't seem to have an effect. Looking at my inc/plugins folder, I have:

And the "temp" folder.

But I honestly don't remember what other plugins I may have, if they are located elsewhere in the file manager.

I've done very small template adjustments. Most of the forum customizations overall are CSS styling.

I do have access to the file manager on my server space, so I can do things easily from there.

According to my server cpanel, I'm running PHP 8.2 (ea-php82)

Forum version MyBB 1.8.12

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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  usercp-php.png (Size: 48.44 KB / Downloads: 11)

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