Operation Nostalgia - The first MyBB
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Operation Nostalgia - The first MyBB
Operation Nostalgia - The first MyBB

Hello everyone, it's been years and years since I've been using MyBB, and I think it's the best forum software in the world - I've tried many, but none have satisfied me like this one. When this software was released (I believe in 2003), I was just 8/9 years old... today I'm nearing my 30s... well, let's not dwell on that. I'm a bit of a nostalgic person and don't appreciate progress in some fields much, haha. Lately, I see many forums that seem more like social feed or I don't know like the opposite of what I think a forum must be and than the true sense of community that I'm accustomed to.

I started using MyBB for my first community in 2010. It was based on version 1.6 (I believe one of the firsts of this branch), and I used a horribly customized theme made by me in my early experiences. Fiuuuu horrible. 

Let's get to the point: I'm about to create a new website where there will be a forum dedicated to lovers of old-school hardware technologies, and I had this idea that the forum should also look like it's from that era. Obviously, I couldn't install the 2003 version with PHP 4 and MySQL 3, haha. So, I installed the latest version and created a theme that replicates the first version of the software as closely as possible.

I'm still in my beta phase, but I want to share some screenshots with you and maybe make the staff who created this fantastic script feel nostalgic. I'm sure many of you don't even remember this aspect of MyBB, and neither do I. I had to search the web's time machine to get an idea of how it looked.

So far, I've only created the index and the forum display, along with various global elements. But I really want to strive for perfection and customize everything.

I'm attaching the screenshots, and above all, I want to know if I'm violating any copyright rules or anything else. As you've understood, my intent is purely nostalgic and not for any ulterior motives.

So that's it! I'll keep you updated step by step as soon as I have something more! I hope you enjoyed it (Founders, etc.).

Ciao dall'Italia.

  screencapture-forum-hwntn-forumdisplay-php-2024-02-21-00_37_36.png (Size: 221.89 KB / Downloads: 22)

  screencapture-forum-hwntn-index-php-2024-02-21-00_37_21.png (Size: 187.06 KB / Downloads: 13)


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