Text in most forum entries no longer displays?!
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Text in most forum entries no longer displays?!
Text in most forum entries no longer displays?!

Okay, I have no idea what has happened here.  I've been running my MyBB forum for over a year now with not problems.  Then today, for some reason, most of the messages in my forum's threads is just not displaying.  However, when I go into the editor, I see this:

[Image: mybb1.jpg]

Now, as Admin, if I go in and remove all of those strange question mark diamonds and then save, the entry displays properly.  But, I can't really go into the hundreds of posts in the forum to manually fix all of these. 

Has anyone have any idea what the heck happened and how I might go about fixing this?

Here's my MyBB install specs:

[Image: mybb2.jpg]

And here's a link to the forum:  https://c64forum.com

Any advice/help would be appreciated.  Oh, and just so it's clear, nothing has changed with the forum recently.  No new themes or plugins.... not even any new forum members added for a while.


Would this have anything to do with "4-Byte UTF-8 Support"?  It's never been a problem for the forum before.  But, I suppose anything is possible.

I also just noticed that the Quick Editor doesn't load the text, either.  Only the Full Editor will work.


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