editpost.php warning 1.8.36
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editpost.php warning 1.8.36
editpost.php warning 1.8.36

A warning occurs.

My version of editpost.php is modified by Laird's OPCanCloseThread plugin, so line 409 here is line 397 in the original file.

<datetime>2023-09-19 20:29:38 UTC -0500</datetime>
<message>Undefined array key "ajax"</message>
<back_trace>#0 errorHandler->error() called at [/inc/class_error.php:153]
#1 errorHandler->error_callback() called at [/editpost.php:409]
Find line 397 (in original file)
				if($mybb->input['ajax'] == 1)
and replace it with
				if($mybb->get_input('ajax', MyBB::INPUT_INT) == 1)
The same line appears in source code at lines 342, 457, and 483. You may want to make the same fix there.


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